Thursday, 17 November 2011

Something about spinning

Lots to do this week, so reduced blogging, but I have been fitting crafting in, of course, it would take a major earth shaking event to stop that. I have managed to start the second half of my spinning project. This single will have the beads spun into it.

I wanted to make an attempt at spacing the beads evenly through the single. This is far from exact but I divided the length of roving up into eighty lengths, one for each bead. There are obvious differences between the lengths so the spacing will not be totally even. At least I will not have masses in one place and none in others, which is what would happen if I left it up to chance.

I have spun a few of the lengths, as with the first single it is thinner than planned, but that makes sense as I am now trying to approximately match the first one. The beads are going in nicely, adding them at the end of the length when it thins out a bit seems to be working. This photo is not great as the flash overpowered the beads, but you can see that there are beads.

Hopefully I will have time at the weekend to make good progress on this single. Once again I am having the dilemma between enjoying the crafting time, but at the same time wanting it to be done already so I can see the finished outcome. I really have no patience! :D


  1. Great spinning. I love the addiction of the beads. Looking forward to seeing your finished yarn.

  2. wow that is turning out beautifully! any ideas what you're going to be knitting with it?

  3. It's going to be beautiful. I knitted a shawl with a beaded yarn and it was lovely to use.

  4. I really need to attempt beads again. Your yarn is looking great!