Thursday, 10 November 2011

Something about spinning

The first half of my green tour de fleece prize is spun.

I failed miserably at making it thick, it is a little thicker than usual maybe, but it was meant to be much fatter, ah well, it is obviously what the fibre wanted. I appreciate that anyone who does not spun now thinks I am lunatic with no control over the fibre in my posession. People who spin will hopefully be nodding in agreement and it is not that I am a lunatic after all!

I have to confess that it is a little thick and thin, my drafting skills obviously need practise so I am trying to think of a lovely giant spinning project for next year once the sock making crazy is done. A blanket or a sweater are most likely. Perhaps something like this Spinning in squares blanket. If anyone fancies joining me we could do an enormous spin/knit/rescue each other from the crazy along.

Sorry, I wandered off a little there, back to the fibre in hand. I am hoping plying evens out the thick and thin somewhat. This week I will start spinning the rest of the fibre and adding the beads, I suspect this will be a much slower process than the plain single.


  1. For what it's worth, I love that color.

  2. That Suri Alpaca blend does not want to spin thick. It's the beautiful of Suri. It wants to be thin so it can be knitted or woven into a project with lots of drape. NOW, saying that, I have created a few light worsted yarns using that blend but I really have to think about it. You will be amazing once it's plyed and off the bobbin how it will bloom.

    Can't wait to see the finished yarn.

  3. I'm completely with you...

    When I first learned to spin all I wanted to do was a consistant lace-weight yarn. I seem to have found my place there. So now all I want to do is a very fat, heavy weight yarn.

    I would love to make a fisherman's sweater out of home-grown, home-spun, fat yarn. I wonder if there's a class to help us spin heavier yarns?

  4. I wanted to spin so I could make lace and fingering weight yarn. I don't think I could spin a thick consistent single to save myself.

    Your spun yarn looks great.

  5. I am completely with you that the sheep (or other source) dictates your yarn type. Go with the flow...