Tuesday, 18 October 2011

One a day

Squares a plenty!

This week I managed seven squares, and actually did them one a day. I am also almost caught up with weaving in the ends. All in all I am feeling quite pleased with myself blanket wise.

Now for the rubbish photos, taken inside with the LED super macro setting, maybe my challenge for next week will be to get better pictures, but if I don't take the photo when I finish the square I forget which ones I have made that week.

This is another rainbow single, it goes from Red to orangey red. Based on the colour repeat lengths I think this is Jawoll Magic Degrade, I used it to make my N socks.

My first, and only, attempt at hot pour dyeing. I was trying to get shades of blue but ended up with blue and black patches. I used it to make the 9 to 5 sock pattern, possibly my favourite sock pattern.

This is a truly terrible picture of a handpainted yarn. It has short repeats of black and burgundy, it was also used to make the 9 to 5 sock patter. That I used those two yarns on consecutive days was a total coincidence!

Some grey Alpaca, used for part of my I socks following the In the Highlands pattern from "Around the World in knitted socks".

Trekking 4 ply bought when I was visiting my sister for my Niece's birthday party. I might have just happened to go yarn shopping while I was there! Another coincidence, I was wearing the Hourglass socks made from this yarn when I was knitting the square.

Some black, white and grey 4 ply from one of my knitting group friends, I don't know any other details about it. It is especially handy for filling spaces where the colours cause problems, like when you are trying to choose something that will sit between turquoise and orange without looking like unicorn barf.

My first attempt at overdying, some disappointing grey Arucania Ranco became very dark shades of purple. I love this colour but it is a devil to photograph, it looks pretty much nothing like this!

I have had a few requests to see the whole blanket, there is a photo from a couple of weeks ago on this post. Since the squares are so tiny it does not really change enough to warrant a new photo each week, plus I have to stand on a chair to take the picture, so I will do a new whole blanket shot about once a month and put it at the end of the Tuesday round up.


  1. I like the idea of the black white and grey being used to balance it all out, and I love the fact that you were wearing the hourglass socks while using the same yarn ;)

  2. Even though I haven't been commenting I have been reading your blog daily and just love this blanket. Your photos are also a complete tease. Love the recycle use of the yarn

  3. Loving your sock blankie! I've had one in hibernation for over a year, it just got too daunting. But the one a day idea is great! You're definitely inspiring me to pull mine back out.

  4. Well done on getting one a day done :)

    Hope you have another productive week xxx

  5. Well done for 1 a day. I have got no where near this week.

  6. i'm making this blanket, too :) My favorite square is the last one. And I may steal your idea of taking photos as I make them, because I've been having a hard time trying to remember & sticking a paper clip through the square doesn't always work!

  7. I so love reading the story behind each of your yarn swatches. This is truly going to be a blanket filled with history and love. Can't wait to see the finished result. :-)

  8. Good on you for getting 7 done in one day that's awesome. The colors are looking great.

  9. Nice job on the progress. What a neat blanket this is continually coming out to be.