Thursday, 29 September 2011

Something about spinning

Prepare yourself for  a lot of orange!

I have had this fibre on the go for well over a year. It was a birthday present to myself last year and I couldn't wait for my wheel, so I started spinning it on my drop spindle.

When my wheel arrived I moved the spun yarn onto a wheel bobbin, but then decided to keep going on the spindle as I could not spin thin enough on the wheel. I plied the length that was on the bobbin, it is sat in my stash waiting for me to think what I am going to do with it.

Finally the rest has been spun using the drop spindle.

I think of spinning, and knitting, very much as learning activities, there is always something new and ways to improve. There were a couple of lesson learnt here.

Lesson one- don't take a year to spin 100g, you will forget how thick you are making it. It is thin, but unfortunately it gets thinner towards the centre.

Lesson 2- don't yank it all off the spindle and get in a horrible tangle.

I tried to slide this onto a knitting needle, but it was too tightly wound. This is also one of those tasks where having four hands would really be quite helpful.

Since I didn't want a repeat of my tangle sock yarn mess from last week I decided to wind it into a plying ball. This took a while, but less time than untangling it would have done.

I am going to navjo ply it and see what I get. Hopefully I can do that this weekend and I should have some finished yarn to show you next week.


  1. Ohh that colour is amazing. I've been wanting to give spinning with a drop spindle a go for a while now, your yarn looks great!

  2. ooooh, you had me at Orange. Yes, I find that I learn something new all the time with spinning too.

  3. I love the tips, I am learning to spin on a drop spindle. This is the perfect month to play with orange!

  4. Its beautiful! I wish I knew how to spin! I must put that on my things to learn to do list!

  5. It's lovely. I love spinning on a drop spindle ... I can wheel spin and Turkish and Turnip, but the drop is my favorite! You spun it very nicely ... the ball looks very uniform.

  6. Love the color and it looks so pretty! I'm still trying to learn how to spin on my drop spindle. You're an inspiration for me to keep trying!

  7. Beautiful colour - and your thread is so fine and even, I am very impressed