Wednesday, 31 August 2011

WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along

I was taking some photos yesterday and happened to have my current WIP and a book to hand, so I thought I would take a photo for Yarn along and WIP Wednesday.

WIP Wednesday is self explanatory, Yarn Along requires a photo of the book you are reading and your current fibre WIP, so here they are:

The blue sock is my R sock for the A-Z sock knitting challenge, I am making Rick by Cookie A which is going ok, but is making slow progress, more details when it makes it to FO Friday, hopefully next week.

I have some other knitting WIPs, but they were not to hand when I took the picture since I had a tidy up at the weekend. I still have my YOP kilt hose, a pair of boot socks, a top that needs to be frogged and my sock yarn blanket on the needles.

Bookwise I have just finished reading Shelters of Stone, which is not in the photo, it is part of a series but I have not read the others (picked it up in a charity shop), it works ok as a stand alone book and was a good read, I did think the ending was lacking a dramatic finish though. I would read the others in the series, but probably wouldn't rush out to buy them at full price, at 780 pages it was a hefty book though, so you do get your moneys worth. I have to avoid reading fiction at the minute as I will often read until the book is done, ignoring everything else that needs attention, so a fat fiction book is now a rare treat.

Since I have a personal ban on any more fiction for a while I thought I would share my latest cookbook purchase. The River Cottage cookbook is not a new title, in fact it is dated 2001 so it was first published ten years ago. That does mean it is from the earlier episodes of the TV series, which I much preferred, when it was just one family doing the country life thing on their own small holding rather than a big business with a restaurant and large second farm.

There is lots of interesting information about all kinds of food and meat, including sourcing and growing your own. One of the main reasons I bought it (for a bargain price in T K Maxx) was the cuts of meat are shown for each animal and ways to use them are discussed. Making ham and bacon is in there, which I would love to have a go at. There are some tasty looking recipes too, but I think this will be more useful for the information than the recipes.

The spinning from last week's WIP Wednesday is all spun into a single, it is sitting waiting to be wheel plied, then I will start the second half of the fibre. I am trying to stick to only one spinning project at a time.


  1. Silly me, I thought your project bag was the sock and wondered how you got the butterflies on there. It's late here. I do love that shade of blue for your sock.

  2. "A ban on fiction"

    I understand the words singly, but put them altogether in that order and I just don't understand... ;-)

  3. I have to agree ban fiction, never not in my life. I would be a very unhappy person.

    Love the blue socks. Such a pretty colour and pattern.

  4. Whilst I could never ban fiction from my house, I can totally understand why you might do so - if I'm really into a book then I don't move until it is finished! Luckily I read incredibly fast, but it still means that cooking/cleaning/knitting etc fall by the wayside ;)

  5. Thank you for Hugh's book review. I've been after a book which gives ideas for all the different cuts of meat. Its something I really wish we had learnt at school! Socks are looking cool xx

  6. I love to read cookbooks. The only drawback is I end up hungry. That book looks great.
    Your sock looks great too! I love blue yarn best.

  7. I love Cookie's socks. Can't wait to see the finished product!!

  8. I also love the yarn...beautiful knitting.


    A Knitters Notebook

  9. I love the blue sock & the project bag.

    As for books -- I'm a fiction addict. I occasionally buy cookbooks, but mostly out of guilt that I so much hate cooking.

  10. A good cookbook is pretty much the only thing that will pull me away from fiction -- and then only briefly. That said, please make some bacon and show us how its done. It sounds awesome!

  11. I just put the RIver Cottage Cookbook on my wish list.

  12. Rick looks great so far! Love the yarn colourway!

  13. you're up to the R's already. I'm in such awe of sock knitters.

  14. lol. ahh, the days of ignoring everything else in lieu of reading. one day, that will be again, at the moment? I am lucky to read 4 pages on any given night without passing out from exhaustion!