Friday, 15 July 2011

FO Friday- N socks

Another pair of alphabet socks that almost didn't make it to their FO Friday post in the two week window I like to give them. This time it was because of the tour de fleece taking up most of my crafting time (loving that spinning!), but thanks to knit night yesterday they made it, here they are, fresh from grafting the toes!

Yarn: Lang Jawoll Magic Degrade in a super rainbow colour
Needles: 2.25mm
Mods: worked over 70sts as using thinner yarn than suggested. Picked up a couple of stitches in the corners of the heel to close the gap and increase the foot circumference.

I decided to go with the pattern and do short row heels on this, normally I would switch it for a simple heel flap as my first pair of short row heel socks were disappointing. I followed the instructions in the pattern, which double wraps the stitches and am really pleased with the end result. Depending on how comfy they are to wear I might be a convert.

Since the heels went so well I also went with short row toes for the first time ever (it is all about learning new things!). They are fine, no harder than the heel to work, but I probably wouldn't bother again. They really don't look that different to a round toe and take much longer, plus you get an odd bit of colour under the toes.

The stitch pattern looks great when it is done but Oh boy is it boring! If it was worked over the suggested 56sts in a thicker yarn you might not be ready to poke yourself repeatedly with the needles by the time you drag yourself to the finish line, but worked over 70sts I was definitely over it by the end of the second sock. It needs concentration, so you can't just watch TV and get on with it, but it is not exciting enough to keep you interested (note- I didn't actually poke myself with the needles, well, not deliberately).

I now feel a bit like I am being mean, I love the FO, I just wouldn't work it over such a big stitch count ever again.

Yarnwise the colours are fantastic, my niece picked this out for my birthday and I have to say she has super taste- I love rainbows!

I am not a huge lover of singles yarns, they tend to be very fluffy, which although soft makes it hard to see stitch patterns. I should also probably have worked these with a 2.5mm needle as the fluffiness plus tight gauge makes them feel a little felty. Upsides are softness, colour and it is not overly splitty for a single.


  1. Good job getting the stripes to match! I love how colourful they are.

  2. I love the stitch pattern, and the yarn you used is awesome :) I actually quite like the burst of colour at the toes

  3. I think the socks look great and wow - it looks like they are matching stripes.

  4. Perfectly matched socks ! I am impressed :-)

  5. Rainbows are awesome. I still haven't got the hang of short-row heels. Double wraps or no, I always get holes. Well done :)

  6. I love the stripes that match, a lady after my own heart.

    And wow I love that fact that you are doing socks alphabetically. That's fantastic.

    Can't wait to see O

  7. Wow, congrats on getting your socks to match!

  8. Those rainbow colors make me smile, so bright & cheerful. But how I am completely awestruck by how nicely you matched up the stripes.

  9. Your niece is going to love them! You got them to match perfectly!