Wednesday, 25 May 2011

WIP Wednesday- What's in the bag?

I have lots of WIPs on my knitting plate. I think I have decided I don't like having too many, I always feel like I should be working on a different one.

I upended the bag that I cart around with my most active WIPs in and took a photo for you:

I seem to be on a blue kick at the minute.

In there you can see- 
One finished sock and the yarn for the second (frogged after 10 rounds when I realised I had done the wrong rib).
One part way done K sock, about half way down the foot.
The first ball of the chunky cardigan, this should really come out of here as it is way down the list of things to work on.
Some flowers that I am working on for a group project on Ravelry
General knitting bag detritus- tape measure, stitch markers, ball bands etc.

I really love this bag, it seems to have some kind of tardis magic!

I also have another pair of socks on the go, but they are for Christmas so no rush there, they live in a different bag.

Spinning wise I have three projects on the go and one I really want to get started on. I have told myself the new one can't be started until I have finished at least one of the others, plus maybe the knitting that has deadlines.

Non fibre wise I have lots of uni work as always and I think I may have picked up a bug at a meeting last weekend. This is a very good reason for being a hermit and not seeing other people, avoiding the germs!

On the upside this week we have a bank holiday and a three day weekend, so I am hoping to get some things finished up. Maybe in a week or so I will be down to one simple project (for knit nights), one more complicated project (most likely socks) and one spinning project (ok, well maybe two).


  1. I'm the same, if I have too many WIPs I end up worrying that I'm knitting the wrong one ;) But too few and I get bored... It's a fine balance!

  2. I love your bag and all of it's items! I always seem to have way too many WIPs and some I just stopped working on because I felt overwhelmed. Maybe I'll pick some of them up again.

  3. You are definitely on a blue kick! That's a great project bag.

  4. What a great way to evaluate your current WIP's. Before this month, my knitting bag seemed like a black hole. It's a great feeling to finally have some projects finished and out of the bag. Good luck finding the right balance.