Monday, 25 October 2010

FO Monday- Pink hat

This is a rather delayed post from last Friday, my FO for last week is a pink slouchy hat. The yarn was donated for me to make preemie hats, but I have been told they are not needed at the minute. The Loving Hands website collects all sorts of knitted and sewn goodies to distribute to various charities so I decided to make a couple of full sized hats to send.
The yarn is Peter Pan 100% Acrylic from Wendy, I was impressed with how soft and non squeaky this yarn is. It is a little shiny, but for an acrylic yarn it is really pretty good, I would use it again, especially for toys, baby gifts etc. The pattern is Slouchy Lace Hat by Just_A_Girl.
I worked the middle size using 4mm needles and increased one stitch every five (K4 kfb) for the increase round. I worked a few more decrease rounds then pulled the tail through the stitches and tightened it to close the hole.
I tried this on for size, it fits and it is the only hat I have ever tried that doesn't make me look ill!
Still no sock yarn blanket square, it has been rather neglected for the last few weeks, but when I have cleared my WIP backlog I will catch up.

1 comment:

  1. What a great hat!
    I got one almost exactly like it from the Vampire Swap I just participated in. I'm waiting for my Spoiler to post in her projects so I can try the hat using my Alpaca blends instead of sock yarn.