Saturday, 3 July 2010

Techniques- Spinning wheel selection

I have been pondering on getting a spinning wheel (ok, obsessing over it). Leaning towards one that folds as there is not a lot of crafting space to spare around here, found this website to be fantastic for comparing the readily available folding wheels. It is US based but still great.

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  1. I have a Louet and Lendrum. I LOVE my Lendrum. Holly B aka KnitWithSnot has a Joy...I don't know anyone with a Kromski. I really love my Lendrum. It's my fourth wheel. I also have an Ashford Kiwi and Ashford Elizabeth. I love the bobbins and the scotch tension on my Lendrum plus the portability. Everything about the Lendrum makes me happy. I had a custom bag made from a lady Haven4Fiber who is on Ravelry and it's beautiful. Have I mentioned I love my Lendrum?